Sarvi Sedillo Esquivel is a professional singer & a business woman who came from Cebu, Philippines. She also has a BS Degree in Nursing. After closing her real estate company in Las Vegas (702 City Realty, LLC), she searched for something that will excite not only her but the consumers. Then, she came across the idea of creating “gourmet” cotton candy. And so the story begins!

Cotton Candy is something that grand parents, parents, children and everybody enjoy eating anywhere, anytime! The idea is to make the taste and texture of the cotton candy much higher in quality than the ones one find in festivals and fairs. After a few months of testing and mixing, Sarvi came up with creating “Gourmet Cotton Candy” since the mixtures are all home made and hand crafted with the best ingredients she could find. Tropical flavors were mixed like Banana, Mango, Strawberry Vanilla, Blueberry, Green Apple, Coconut, Pineapple, and even chocolate & whiskey flavors.

Zara . Sarvi . Vic . Christian . Virgilio

After the special flavors were created, she invested in a couple of carts and started doing local events like the “First Friday – Downtown Las Vegas” which happens every 1st Friday of the month, The Great American Foodie Fest, San Gennaro Feast, The Pirate Festival, and more. It was not long after that she was able to share the “I Luv Gourmet Cotton Candy” to the Miss Universe contestants! I Luv gain a lot of popularity in a short time that she decided to invest in an “I Luv Food Trailer”. That way she can pull the trailer to any event and serve more treats & some specialty food & drinks!

Today, you will notice the “I Luv” brand throughout the popular Las Vegas events. Before the end of the year, the “I Luv Gourmet Cotton Candy” treat packages will be available on AMAZON! Anyone in North America will be able to have the “sought after” special cotton candy treats packages for personal parties to corporate events! You can order through our “I Luv Cotton Candy” office for now until we start on AMAZON.

with Miss Kosovo @ Miss Universe Pageant 2015

To help the community, Sarvi also created the “I Luv Cotton Candy Foundation“, a 501-C3 charitable company. The foundation is assisted by “I Luv Cotton Candy“, “SARVIC Studios“, and “Philippine Republic“. These family businesses are geared toward helping the community.

The “I LUV Family TEAM” includes Zara & Virgilio Sedillo (Mom& Dad-food department), Vic Esquivel (Husband-marketing & sales), & Christian Esquivel (Son-Logistics)

Watch out world, “I Luv Cotton Candy” will make your parties a lot exciting and tastier!